Fenit (Locke’s) Beach

Photo by Michael Pierce

Fenit (also know as Locke’s beach) is a small, sheltered sandy beach, looking south onto Tralee Bay, with excellent views across to the mountainous Dingle Peninsula on the other side. Thanks to its sheltered location and calm waters, the beach is very popular for swimming.

Blue Flag
June – August

Kelly’s Beach

Photo by Mary O’Brien Browne

This is a small sheltered strand with views of Fenit Pier. It has a slipway for small boats.


Fenit Island Strand

Photo by Michael Pierce

The sandy beach runs along the length of the tombolo that connects Fenit Island to the mainland.

The Dune system provides the only ‘bridge’ onto Fenit Island, sheltering its vehicle access. It is also an important wild-life habitat
What is a tombolo?
It is a deposition landform by which an island becomes attached to the mainland by a narrow piece of land such as a spit or bar. Once attached, the island is then known as a tied island.