Fenit Pier is a large and busy harbour, but allows plenty of room and opportunities for the shore angler to target spectacular catches throughout the year.

The shape of the pier is such that angling activity can be undertaken in most weather conditions. Being able to fish from the north, south, east or west will give some degree of shelter from any wind direction.

Best times to fish

It is fair to say that this can be an all year round venue, but really kicks off through the summer months when ray begin to show. The month of March is probably worth avoiding as angling is at its quietest here, much the same as most shore venues around Ireland. April / May can be excellent, with Thornback and Undulate Rays making an appearance, along with Dogfish, Flounder and Plaice. Summer months produce Mullet and Conger, with Scad, Mackerel, Pollack and Garfish showing slightly later.

Fish can be caught throughout the tidal range, but better on a moving tide, either flood or ebb.

Night- time is very productive, possibly due to the lack of traffic over the bridge, which seems to put the fish off during the day.

What will you expect to catch?
Mullet can be targeted inside the sheltered harbour. Bass can be found from many marks around the pier, along with coalfish, pollack, mackerel, garfish, flatfish, rays (including stingray), gurnards, whiting, conger and the ever- present dogfish.