Happy World Sand Dune Day

Today (June 25th) is World Sand Dune Day which has been setup to highlight the importance of sand dunes. 

The sand dunes on the Fenit tombolo are a precious natural resource and an important coastal barrier for the area. It is within a Special Protected Area (SPA) for Wildlife, and a Special Area of Conservation (SAC) for Natural Habitats. The broader Akeragh, Banna and Barrow Harbour SPA and SAC, which includes the Fenit Island tombolo, is of such significance it has the highest conservation stature within the European Union – designation as a ‘Natura 2000 Site’. Despite the designations, an absence of allocated public funding for protection and conservation, coupled with increasing human and climatic pressures, have resulted in the current vulnerable condition of the tombolo. 

The Fenit Town Hall Dunes Action Group have begun grassroots stabilization/conservation efforts with marram grass planting, and backfilling a large breach in the dunes with sand. New members and volunteers are always welcome. And remember: Keep off the dunes!


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