Dunes Action Group working with Coastwatch Ireland on seagrass survey

DAG is working to raise awareness about the value and vulnerability of the Fenit Island tombolo, a precious natural resource and coastal barrier. In conjunction with Coastwatch Ireland, they are learning about best practices in marram grass harvesting and planting, implementing limited soft fencing to discourage trampling in key areas, learning about the sea grass beds in marine coastline off the tombolo and the value of sea grass in reducing wave energy. New areas of seagrass have been discovered off Fenit Island Tombolo and this is a vital natural resource in defence against dune erosion as they act like underwater brakes of buffers to reduce wave height and weaken sea currents.

Seagrass meadows are also rich marine habitats key to the fishing industry and provide food for protected species including the Brent Geese. The importance of Seagrass for carbon sequestration and storage is a recent discovery. It is estimated an acre of seagrass can store three times as much carbon as an acre of rainforest!

You can learn more about seagrass here: http://coastwatch.org/europe/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/Seagrass-and-MAP-bill-Coastwatch-brief-July-2021.pdf

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