Fenit Village Development Masterplan – latest news

Kerry County Council has now indicated to Fenit Town Hall that the long awaited Fenit Village Draft Masterplan (FVDM) will be published before the end of January 2022. Fenit Town Hall has supplied the full results of our village survey to the Council with a view to shaping this draft masterplan. Once published the FVDM will be the subject of a public consultation process before the Fenit Village Masterplan is finalised. Members of the public and other interest groups may make submissions/observations to the Council on the Draft Masterplan which will have to be considered by the Council before the Plan is finalised.

This Village Masterplan is the most significant document which will shape the planning and development of Fenit into the future. Fenit Town Hall would urge all interested parties to engage fully in the consultation process in the circumstances. FTH will endeavour to ensure that residents have access to a copy of the FVDM and will assist in providing hard copies to those who indicate a difficulty in accessing the draft masterplan online.

Fenit Village Draft Masterpan should not be confused with the recent publication of the Draft Kerry County Development Plan 2022-2028. The Draft County Development Plan deals with the county as a whole and is presently the subject matter of a public consultation process. The Fenit Village Draft Masterplan is an entirely different document which will deal exclusively with the future planning and development of Fenit village.

Fenit Town Hall will advise the date of publication of Fenit Village Draft Masterplan and will provide further information on how to access/view same when details become available including in particular the duration of the public consultation process.

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