All Hands on Deck for Fenit Town Hall

Now that 5k limits have lifted and you can visit Fenit, you may notice Fenit Town Hall has been busy getting Fenit in ship shape for residents and visitors. In cooperation with Kerry County Council and with local goodwill, elbow grease and sponsorship, Fenit is looking swell. The latest facelift has sustainably delivered new seating where necessary. Other benches have been refreshed and have plenty of life in them yet to enable you to rest your legs, soak up a few rays, feed the soul or whatever your purpose. Many of these benches hold great significance to the families whose departed members names are inscribed on them, given the importance of Fenit to their family.

On May 4th and 5th , Fenit Town Hall got together willing amateur and seasoned painters, sanders and bystanders to give the old benches on Locke’s beach and Kelly’s beach a new look. For years, the chosen colour sage has been known for its cleansing properties, cleansing a person or space, and promoting healing and wisdom. Ancient Egyptians and Romans used sage to treat digestive issues, memory problems, and sore throats. While we cannot promise such results, you can always anchor down for a while and let us know how Fenit has improved your day. Post your experience on our Facebook page @TownHallFenit with the hashtag #FenitSageEffect

Thanks to Mary O Brien Browne, for steering this initiative, thanks to all the painters, Pat O Mahony Mikey Moriarty, Noreen Breen, Elaine Burrows Dillane, Denise Lynch, Alan Browne, Thomas Browne, Tadhg  Murphy, Emily Rose Murphy, Rod, Caroline Corkery, Hazel Reid, and Catherine Carty.

Photo Credit: Eileen O’Connell Text: Catherine Carty

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