Fenit’s Changing Tides Pollinator Project

A local volunteer group called ‘Fenit’s Changing Tides’ are currently working on a new wildflower and pollination project in an undeveloped overgrown green area in a local housing estate. Having joined the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan, they are the first community in Fenit and Tralee to join the online mapping system for biodiversity Ireland allowing them to register their actions and put their pollinator-friendly location on the map. They are extremely grateful to Kerry County Council for funding under the 2021 Community Enhancement Programme and to the Department of Community and Rural Development.

They are planning to organise a group Instagram page in the new year, with information on biodiversity, bee monitoring, native plants, etc.  to generate awareness and get people to start noticing wildlife. One third of our bee species is threatened with extinction because of mowing, spraying and strimming of wildflowers.



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